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Modern businesses require modern, open technologies that unite and align your strategy and process to meaningful automation, AI insights and outcomes

i-Telemetry technologies is a highly regarded IT Infrastructure and Environment Intelligence Technology partner helping industries combat data processing challenges with the power of IoT, Data Analytics, and AI-enabled software with IT Solutions and Services Provider Company in Noida Delhi NCR, India

We believe open ecosystems, open technologies, open innovation and open cultures are the key to creating opportunities for modern businesses and for our world.

We want to work together, create together, grow together and rethink what’s possible together.

Our dedicated team of experts helps you discover actionable insights from real-time, reliable data to optimize efficiency, improve performance and generate revenue.

Excellence is our guiding principle. In addition to fostering innovation, our core values help create an environment of motivation and commitment resulting in a superior customer experience and products that drive profitable growth.


Our mission is to be a market leader of information technology by delivering the most advanced innovations and technology to various industries and business. We want to become a technology partner by creating technology as an easy asset for every business keeping in mind the welfare of our environment and community.


Our focus is innovating simple yet powerful solutions. We provide technology that gives the end-user ease to operate. Our process includes various steps, from requirements analysis, research, design creation to development, quality assurance and support. Our team understand the heart of the technology.


Our employees are the most valuable resource we possess. We focus not only on their skills and expertise, Our clients is the main key of success ,long-term partnership and close collaboration with quality software services. We take care of services as we believe it to be a key factor in every projects success.

Project PlanningIt highlights threads overall change framework, which will help to clarify the projects objectives.
MaintenanceThe act of keeping something in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly and boost asset performance reliability.
TestingThe process of evaluating and verifying that a software product or application does what it is supposed to do.
ImplementationIt is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals.

Result-Oriented Mindset

Our commitment and a definite sense of direction helps us keep our development processes efficient and our resources productive at all times

Client-Centric Attitude

Our commitment and a definite sense of direction helps us keep our development processes efficient and our resources productive at all times

End-to-End Development

Our services are designed in a way to bring incomparable quality to products, a technique that tests the entire software product from beginning

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team of developers will help you get answers to questions regarding execution and performance in real-time.

Our Services

Our Services are engineered to improve your existing IT infrastructure and help you align your business objective with IT strategies. We offer reliable and cost-effective ways of addressing your business challenges and tech obstacles with our expert team, knowledge, and high levels of service delivery.

Easy Installation & Setup

Fully Customizable Options

Reliable and cost-effective

our rich technical expertise

finding practical ways to reduce wastage

ensure security, scalability and flexibility

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