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About Us


Accelerate your business with Innovative IT solutions

i-Telemetry Technologies is a pioneer in automating the acquisition and transmission of real-time data from remote sources to IT systems to monitor and analyze data, performance, and quality. We are a digital transformation consultancy and engineering company that delivers cutting-edge solutions for global organizations and technology startups. Since 2020 we have been helping companies and established brands reimagine their business through digitalization.

We architect and align your requirements to the best technology and solutions with our expertise. Choose from our range or Contact us to customize your solutions.

Headquartered in Noida, we have a fully-equipped high-tech technology and R&D center.

Who We Are

IT Infrastructure and Environment Intelligence Technology partner helping industries combat data processing challenges with the power of IoT, Data Analytics, and AI-enabled software.
Result-Oriented Mindset
Client-Centric Attitude
End-to-End Development
Testing & Maintenance
MISSIONOur mission is to be a market leader of information technology by delivering the most advanced innovations and technology to various industries and business. We want to become a technology partner by creating technology as an easy asset for every business keeping in mind the welfare of our environment and community.
VISIONOur focus is innovating simple yet powerful solutions. We provide technology that gives the end-user ease of operation. Our process includes various steps, from requirements analysis, research, and design creation to development, quality assurance, and support. Our team understands the heart of the technology.
“We believe Technology must be created with creativity”
VALUEOur employees are the most valuable resource we possess. We focus not only on their skills and expertise, Our clients are the main key to success, long-term partnership, and close collaboration with quality software services. We take care of services as we believe it to be a key factor in every project’s success.

We Can Help You With IT Solutions

SOLUTION ORIENTEDOur team knows, what your business needs to grow.
QUICK RESULTExpect the fast delivery of services with us
EXPERT TEAMYou will get the solution in no time.
OUTCOMEWith expertise, we deliver you top-notch solutions.