OPTIMA IOT-1125:”Used for Valve Operation/Alarm/Interlocking Facility”

The OPTIMA IOT-1125 stands out as a versatile IoT device designed for precise flow valve operation, alarm system support, and enhanced control through interlocking features. With LAN stability and 4G SIM support, it provides reliable connectivity for remote access and monitoring. Tailored for application-specific operations, it integrates alarm notifications and interlocking mechanisms, ensuring safety and efficiency. This device guarantees stable performance, versatility for various IoT applications, and seamless operation, making it an optimal choice for flow control and alarm systems.



Designed for Application Flow Valve Operation
Supports Alarm Systems
Offers Interlocking Facility for enhanced control


LAN (Local Area Network) for stable connections
4G SIM support for remote access and monitoring

Application-Specific Operation: Tailored for precise flow valve control.
Alarm Integration: Enables real-time alert notifications for critical events.
Interlocking Facility: Enhances operational safety through interlocking mechanisms.

Connectivity: LAN, 4G SIM
Application Support: Flow valve operation, alarm systems
Remote Access: Allows monitoring and control from anywhere
Interlocking: Enhances safety through integrated interlocking features

Additional Benefits:

Reliability: Ensures stable and consistent performance.
Versatility: Suitable for diverse IoT applications requiring flow control and alarms.
Efficiency: Optimized for seamless operation and monitoring.

The OPTIMA IOT-1125 is a versatile IoT device offering tailored solutions for flow valve operation, alarm systems, and interlocking applications. With LAN and 4G SIM support, it ensures reliable connectivity and remote access for efficient monitoring and control.