OPTIMA IOT-1129: “IoT Data Logger Device”

The OPTIMA IOT-1129 excels in industrial automation, process control, and monitoring with its versatile features. Equipped with Modbus RS485/RS232 input, it seamlessly integrates with devices for efficient data acquisition. LAN and 4G SIM connectivity ensure reliable communication, enabling remote monitoring. The device’s remote calibration capability enhances operational efficiency, while its data logging function captures critical information for analysis. With a compact design, the OPTIMA IOT-1129 is space-efficient and easily integrates into diverse industrial environments. It stands as a reliable and versatile solution for applications ranging from process control systems to energy management.



Industrial Automation
Process Control Systems
Remote Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Energy Management


Modbus RS485/RS232 Input:
Seamlessly integrates with Modbus-enabled devices for data acquisition.
LAN and 4G SIM Connectivity:
Enables reliable communication over local networks and cellular networks for remote monitoring.
Remote Calibration:
Facilitates calibration adjustments remotely, enhancing operational efficiency.
Data Logging:
Captures and stores critical data, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping for analysis.
Compact Design:
Space-efficient and easy to integrate into diverse industrial environments.


Communication Ports: Modbus RS485/RS232, LAN, 4G SIM
Remote Calibration: Supported
Data Logging: Yes
Connectivity: LAN, 4G SIM
Dimensions: Compact design for easy integration

The OPTIMA IOT-1129 is a versatile solution for industrial automation and monitoring, offering Modbus compatibility, LAN, and 4G SIM support. Its remote calibration and data logging capabilities make it a reliable choice for various applications, from process control to energy management.