Corrosive & Toxic Liquid Level Monitoring

I-Telemetry offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring corrosive liquids commonly found in industrial settings. These liquids, such as acids and other caustic substances, have unique properties that make them corrosive to various metals. To address this challenge, our technology is designed to be compatible with these aggressive fluids.

Our state-of-the-art level monitoring solution utilizes a combination of ultrasonic and RADAR sensors. These sensors are not only highly reliable but also capable of withstanding the corrosive fumes emitted by these liquids. Whether you need to monitor the levels of corrosive liquids in stationary storage containers or in moving tanks during transportation, I-Telemetry has you covered. Our advanced sensors ensure accurate and dependable tracking of the liquid’s quantity, providing valuable data for your industrial processes.

How does Level Monitoring System work for Corrosive Liquids?

I-telemetry has implemented wireless sensors on the tank containing corrosive liquid. These sensors utilize various technologies such as RADAR and Ultrasonic to emit high-frequency sound pulses and measure the time it takes for the echo to bounce back from the surface of the liquid. This non-contact and automated measurement method ensure that the sensors remain safeguarded from potential damage caused by the corrosive nature of the liquids.

What Features Supports Level Measurement for Corrosive Liquids?

Single Gateway ConnectivityThe data generated by the sensors is collected by the i-telemetry gateway and transmitted to the web and mobile-powered IoT platform. A single i-telemetry gateway can ingest data from up to 200 sensors installed within a range of 1,200 feet and make it readily available for monitoring.
Contactless Level MeasurementI-telemetry employs wireless sensors utilizing ultrasonic and RADAR technologies to enable non-contact level measurement of stored liquids. This approach not only safeguards the sensors from potential damage but also ensures the uniformity of the liquid stored in the tanks.
Remote MonitoringThe data pertaining to the storage of costly caustic and corrosive liquids in tanks can be remotely accessed from any location. Consequently, one can remotely monitor the tank's contents from anywhere and receive alerts when the level falls below the predetermined thresholds. This can be achieved using i-telemetry.
Tank Level Monitoring to Boost Industrial OperationsMonitoring the liquid levels of corrosive and toxic substances poses significant risks when relying on traditional measurement methods. However, with our i-telemetry-based solutions, the automatic monitoring of caustic liquids stored in glass or plastic tanks becomes a safe and efficient process. These liquid level monitoring systems can also play a crucial role in achieving operational excellence within industrial settings.

Our comprehensive i-telemetry solution for end-to-end level monitoring, combined with other integrated solutions, can help optimize operations and drive operational excellence. By integrating the i-telemetry liquid level measurement system with various solutions and systems, you can enhance production rates, improve industrial efficiency, and enable automated operations.

Benefits of Level Monitoring for Corrosive Liquids

Wireless and contactless sensors for automatic tank level measurement
Single gateway connectivity with up to 200 sensors within a range of 1,200 feet
Upgradable to other solutions on a single platform
Clear visibility into contents of tank from any remote location
Effective level measurement of liquid up to a depth of 30 meters
Advanced analytics and historical data management included
Custom branded solution with white-labeling feature included
Single shop solution comprising both hardware and software