I-telemetry has pioneered innovative solutions in effluent and stack monitoring systems. We walk with the customer to support the sustainability of the industry, which protects the environment and also helps in the well-being of their community. We work really hard to provide immense support to our customers at any point in time because the success of our clients is our success.

We provide SaaS based reliable service which customers search for, your need is fulfilled at one stop with our utmost support. The services we provide are listed below:

1- Digital Transformation
2- Software Development
3- Security Solutions
4- Mobile App Development
5- Artificial Intelligence
6- Cloud Services
7- IoT
8- Environmental Management
9- Camera Connectivity
10- SaaS

i-Telemetry is a highly regarded IT Infrastructure and Environment Intelligence Technology partner helping industries combat data processing challenges with the power of IoT, Data Analytics, and AI-enabled software.

Our dedicated team of experts helps you discover actionable insights from real-time, reliable data to optimize efficiency, improve performance and generate revenue.

Why iTTPL?

Excellence is our guiding principle. In addition to fostering innovation, our core values help create an environment of motivation and commitment resulting in a superior customer experience and products that drive profitable growth.

Result-Oriented Mindset Our commitment and a definite sense of direction help us keep our development processes efficient and our resources productive at all times. Our continuous drive enables us to deliver high-quality solutions that are quicker, cost-effective, and competent.

End-to-End Development
Our services are designed in a way to bring incomparable quality to products and enrich the client experience. We help you overcome challenges unique to your business with a full gamut of services that includes business need analysis, conceptualization, design, development, quality assurance testing, and post-delivery support.

Client-Centric Attitude
Our business strategy prioritizes customer satisfaction and focuses on building long-term relationships. Customer centricity, during both the pre-and post-delivery phase, has helped us deliver customized products and services that survive and thrive.

24/7 Support
Our dedicated team of developers will help you get answers to questions regarding execution and performance in real time. We treat support as a great way to pour feedback back into the development lifecycle and enhance product functionality as per business needs.