OPTIMA IOT-1140: “Optima IoT Data Logger Device for Multi-Parameter Configuration with 5-inch LCD Display”

The OPTIMA IOT-1140 excels in facilitating seamless integration with Modbus RS485/RS232 inputs, providing versatile communication options. Its 4-channel analog 4-20mA capability enables simultaneous monitoring and control. With LAN and 4G SIM connectivity, this device ensures reliable data communication. The 5-inch LCD display offers clear on-device information. Ideal for industrial IoT, process control, and monitoring systems, the OPTIMA IOT-1140 is a robust solution for real-time control, data logging, remote monitoring, and deployment in challenging environments.



Modbus RS485/RS232 Input: Facilitates versatile communication for seamless integration with other devices.

4-Channel Analog 4-20mA: Allows monitoring and control of four analog signals simultaneously.
LAN + 4G SIM Connectivity: Ensures reliable and flexible data communication options.
5-inch LCD Display: Provides clear and intuitive on-device information.


Communication Interfaces: Modbus RS485/RS232, LAN, 4G SIM
Analog Channels: 4 (4-20mA)
Display: 5-inch LCD
Connectivity: LAN, 4G SIM
Application Support: Ideal for industrial IoT applications, process control, and monitoring systems.


Industrial IoT (IIoT): Enables real-time monitoring and control in industrial settings.
Process Control: Facilitates precise control of processes with multiple analog inputs.
Data Logging: Captures and logs data for analysis and optimization.
Remote Monitoring: Allows users to monitor processes remotely for increased efficiency.
Field Applications: Well-suited for deployment in remote or challenging environments.

The OPTIMA IOT-1140 combines advanced communication capabilities with versatile analog input options, making it a reliable choice for a range of industrial applications.