Smart Farming Solutions

One Stop SolutionPurchase the solution with the hardware and software included.
Efficiency analysis of the equipment and animalsKnow real-time equipment efficiency and its current status.
Soil Moisture ManagementControl crop moisture levels using a sprinkler system activated by an actuator.
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What are Smart Farming Solutions?

The rise of technology has greatly contributed to the profitability of various industries, and agriculture is no exception. The implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) in this sector has given birth to the concept of smart farming. IoT integrated into smart farming is poised to be the future of precision agriculture, leading to the production of high-quality crops and the well-being of livestock. Through the deployment of numerous smart farming sensors and wearables, individuals can access real-time updates with just a simple tap on the screen.

From Farm to ForkThis has been the motto of many corporations that have embraced technology in their daily operations. I-telemetry, along with equipment, machines, and appliances, transmits and receives data about the status of the produce through cloud-based applications. Therefore, human intervention and the possibility of human errors are minimized to the greatest extent. Smart agriculture solutions are the future of precision farming.
Know What You Are EatingFor parents of hypoallergic children, having complete knowledge of meal ingredients is essential. This guarantees that the food doesn't contain any elements that could lead to an emergency room visit. Moreover, in light of the E. coli outbreak, mainly linked to romaine lettuce from Arizona, each meal carries the potential to save lives and protect countless individuals from harm. The incorporation of technology, extending beyond smart devices used in agriculture, plays a pivotal role in addressing this problem at its source.
Crop and Livestock ManagementI-telemetry's real-time health monitoring for livestock can lead to substantial profit savings for farmers. Through the use of wearable devices designed for livestock, it becomes possible to closely track vital signs such as respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, reproductive cycles, and more. When any initial indications of illness or feeding issues emerge, these animals can be promptly separated from the herd and set on the road to recovery.

Real-time Smart Farming and Livestock Monitoring

The i-telemetry IoT solution for Smart Farming technology offers comprehensive insights across all aspects of agriculture, providing detailed information on both crops and livestock. Leveraging modern technology, Smart Farming systems enhance the quantity and quality of agricultural products.

Solutions Possible with Smart Farming

i-telemetry IoT for Smart Farming - Features

Livestock tracking and Geo fencingPlaying a crucial role in the sustainability of any farm, domestic animals are raised as valuable commodities and sources of produce. With a staggering 70% of livestock thefts reported annually, real-time geofencing proves to be a valuable asset for farmers. I-telemetry, in this context, is a boon for farmers.
Smart logistics and warehousingFarms frequently operate on a massive scale, and the harvest season often leads to a logistical challenge when dealing with the abundance of produce. By implementing i-telemetry solutions, the storage and processing of crops in warehouses can be streamlined and managed efficiently.
Smart pest managementI-telemetry plays a crucial role in averting infestations by providing precise pest management solutions. However, incorrect application can lead to crop devastation. To mitigate such risks, i-telemetry offers comprehensive analytics that forecast swarm behaviors and offer crop health alerts.
Smart GreenhousesWhen cultivating delicate and exotic flowers or herbs, climate control plays a significant role. Plants flourish and achieve optimal quality and yield within i-telemetry-controlled smart greenhouses. As demand surges, i-telemetry-equipped greenhouses become a vital resource to meet the required production levels. These greenhouses have evolved into large-scale, industrial facilities designed to cultivate fruits and vegetables.
Climate monitoring and forecastingI-telemetry can be a capricious ally for farmers. Climate variations and weather predictions have become essential components of precision farming. They notify the farmer about upcoming alterations and aid in implementing precautionary steps. With sensors installed to anticipate and evaluate the weather, crops can be shielded from potential devastation.
Predictive analytics for crops and livestockIoT applications in smart farming extend across various domains. I-telemetry sensors can be strategically positioned within the soil to collect and analyze data, contributing to the enhancement of agricultural practices. These sensors play a vital role in monitoring factors such as the leaf-to-soil ratio and soil humidity, ultimately leading to improvements in both the quantity and quality of agricultural produce. In addition, i-telemetry wearables designed for cattle serve as an effective measure against poaching and cattle theft.
Remote crop and soil monitoringUsing the i-telemetry smart farming system, farmers can remotely monitor soil moisture, fertility, and crop growth rates in real time, all presented through dynamic animations and graphics accessible via smartphones. This innovative technology empowers farmers to make informed decisions by providing insights into environmental variables affecting their farms.
Remote equipment monitoringTractors, pickups, harvesting machines, and equipment are IoT-enabled with sensors. I-telemetry is responsible for installing, provisioning, and managing IoT endpoints, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Remote operations encompass ingesting, managing, curating, and analyzing IoT data seamlessly.
Sensor based field and resource mappingWith the assistance of IoT smart farming systems, i-telemetry allows users to utilize sensors for mapping and monitoring the entire farm, including the status of human resources, tools, and institutional assets.
Stats on livestock feeding and produceThe feeding patterns of cattle frequently serve as early indicators of potential impending illness. The production of high-quality milk and protein is closely tied to both the quantity and quality of feed intake by the cattle.
Drone monitoringI-Telemetry is at the forefront of utilizing drones as cutting-edge tools for acquiring real-time data. As they hover over vast properties, they meticulously assess crop growth rates and vegetation indices. Equipped with a range of sensors, including multispectral and thermal, as well as hyper-spectral sensors, these IoT-enabled drones efficiently collect data and gauge crop health by interpreting heat signatures.
Automated Sprinkler SystemFactors such as weather conditions, atmospheric humidity, and soil analysis play a crucial role in assessing the necessity for water distribution. The implementation of IoT-enabled water meter sensors by i-telemetry offers a precise and controlled method for water dispersion. This technology helps mitigate the risk of crop damage caused by excessive watering.

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