OPTIMA IOT-1121: “IoT Data Logger Device Used for Remote Calibration with Data Logging Functionality”

The OPTIMA IOT-1121 is a versatile IoT solution designed for precision and reliability across diverse applications. With features like remote calibration and integrated data logging, it ensures accurate measurements and facilitates analysis. Its industrial-grade design, LAN, and 4G SIM connectivity, along with robust security protocols, make it suitable for harsh industrial conditions. This device is an ideal choice for Industrial Automation, Environmental Monitoring, Remote Sensing, Process Control, and Smart Agriculture, delivering excellence in performance and secure data handling.



Industrial Automation
Environmental Monitoring
Remote Sensing
Process Control
Smart Agriculture


Remote Calibration: Enables precise adjustments from a remote location.
Data Logging Facility: Records and stores data for analysis and reporting.
Connectivity: Supports LAN and 4G SIM for reliable and versatile communication.
Versatility: Ideal for diverse IoT applications requiring accuracy and remote monitoring.
Industrial-Grade: Built for robust performance in industrial environments.


Communication: LAN and 4G SIM
Communication Ports: RS485, LAN, Through TCP- IP Protocol
Calibration: Remote calibration capability
Data Logging: Integrated data logging functionality
Industrial Design: Suitable for harsh industrial conditions
Connectivity Standards: Supports IoT standards for seamless integration
Precision: Ensures accurate measurements and control
Security: Robust security protocols for data protection
Power Efficiency: Optimized for energy efficiency in long-term deployments.

The OPTIMA IOT-1121 combines advanced features, making it a reliable solution for various IoT applications that demand precision, remote capabilities, and secure data handling.