OPTIMA IOT-1143:”Optima IoT Data Logger Device used to Connect Up to 8-Sensor through 4-20mA/Analog Input”

The OPTIMA IOT-1143 stands out with support for up to 8-channel analog inputs, ensuring versatile data acquisition. Equipped with MODBUS RS485/RS232, LAN, and 4G SIM support, it seamlessly integrates with industrial systems. Tailored for industrial IoT applications, this device excels in precise monitoring and control of analog signals. Advanced features include remote calibration for accuracy without physical presence and efficient data logging. Suited for diverse industries, including manufacturing and energy, the OPTIMA IOT-1143 is a reliable solution for process monitoring and automation with a focus on seamless connectivity and precise data management.


Analog Input Channels:
Supports up to 8-channel analog inputs for versatile data acquisition.

Communication Protocols:
Equipped with MODBUS RS485/RS232, facilitating seamless connectivity and integration with industrial systems.

Connectivity Options:
Features LAN and 4G SIM support for reliable and flexible communication.

Ideal for industrial IoT applications requiring precise monitoring and control of analog signals.
Well-suited for processes demanding multiple analog input channels and MODBUS compatibility.

Data Logging:
Offers advanced data logging capabilities for efficient record-keeping and analysis.

Remote Calibration:
Enables remote calibration, ensuring accuracy without physical presence.

Suited for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, energy, and automation.


Analog Input: Up to 8 channels.
Communication: MODBUS RS485/RS232.
Connectivity: LAN + 4G SIM.
Special Features: Remote calibration, data logging.
Application Focus: Industrial IoT, process monitoring, automation.

The OPTIMA IOT-1143 combines robust features and specifications, making it a reliable choice for diverse industrial applications requiring precise analog input monitoring and seamless connectivity.