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Beverage Level Monitoring
Corrosive Liquid Level Monitoring
Fuel Level Monitoring
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Tank Level Monitoring
End-to-End Comprehensive IoT SolutionOne-Stop Solutions that include connection, hardware, and software all in one package.
Remote Valve ControlControl the flow of water or oil from anywhere on the earth with your smartphone or computer.
Real-time Inventory Level IndicatorDisplays the stock level in real time on the desktop and mobile interfaces.
High Precision Ultrasonic Level SensorIndustry standard sonar sensor with a 1 mm resolution that is IP67 rated.

What are level monitoring solutions?

Utilizing Level Monitoring solutions, you gain the capability to remotely and instantly observe the liquid levels within tanks or reservoirs. These comprehensive solutions enable access to fluid level data, temperature, and relative humidity via both mobile devices and desktop computers. Through the utilization of these solutions, you can efficiently oversee inventory, with real-time insights into the remaining stock duration and potential incidents of theft across multiple locations simultaneously.

What are level monitoring solutions?

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Fuel Tank Level Monitoring

The i-telemetry IoT solution is versatile and can be applied to monitor real-time fuel stock levels in both Mobile Fuel tanks and Gas Stations, serving distributors and supervisors. Its scalability ensures suitability for fleets of any size. This solution offers precise fuel dispensing data, ultimately saving your company valuable time and enabling efficient inventory optimization.

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Water Tank Level Monitoring

I-telemetry’s solution offers real-time visibility into the water levels within your tanks, simply by installing a sensor on your water tank. The IoT solution from i-telemetry guarantees the prevention of issues like water overflow from overhead tanks. It provides timely alerts when your tank is nearing empty or reaching full capacity. Additionally, users have the flexibility to adjust threshold limits using the solution.

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Smart Irrigation

With the I-Telemetry IoT solution, you’ll always have a reliable water supply for your irrigation needs. Continuous access to real-time data on your water reserves guarantees that your motors will never operate without adequate water. In the event that the water level falls below predetermined thresholds, an alert will be sent to the relevant individual, and the motors will be automatically shut down.

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Mobile Tanker Level Monitoring

The i-telemetry IoT system for monitoring liquid and water tanks can also be extended to tanker trucks in transit. With i-telemetry’s remote monitoring solutions, businesses can monitor the real-time location of fluid-carrying trucks, while simultaneously tracking the fluid levels in their tanker compartments. This versatile IoT water tank level monitoring system from i-telemetry can be applied to various types of liquids, including fuels, chemicals, and beverages, all transported in mobile tankers equipped with compartments.

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Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

i-telemetry’s IoT tank level monitoring employs wireless sensors and devices for real-time liquid level monitoring in tanks. This wireless infrastructure simplifies system complexity and enhances the flexibility of reading procedures. Scaling the solution horizontally becomes a straightforward process for industries, enabling immediate troubleshooting and data-driven decision-making. Furthermore, i-telemetry helps reduce hardware and implementation expenses, empowering companies to meet their evolving business needs.

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Boosting Operational Excellence

Industries like water, oil & gas, chemicals, beverages, and more, which rely on their tanks and containers, can leverage i-telemetry’s remote-level monitoring solutions to enhance their approaches and attain operational excellence. As an integral component of an automation framework, i-telemetry’s level monitoring solution within a facility can be employed to execute tasks automatically, boost production efficiency, and anticipate potential equipment malfunctions.

Real-time Field Data

Here’s how the system operates: We install an ultrasonic level sensor in your tanks. This sensor measures the distance between the fluid and itself, and then transmits this distance data to a cellular or satellite gateway. This data is subsequently forwarded to our cloud platform, where we process the raw data to provide meaningful information (such as the quantity of fluid in the tanks). This information is then displayed on the i-Telemetry IoT dashboard.

You have the convenience of accessing these dashboards for real-time updates and advanced analytics on both your mobile devices and desktop computers. Additionally, you can set predefined threshold limits for your inventory levels. Whenever these levels exceed or fall below the defined thresholds, you will receive alerts via the app, SMS, and email notifications.

End-to-End IoT SolutionWe offer both the hardware and software components, establishing us as a one-stop destination for level monitoring solutions.
Easy to operate and installWe customize the solution to suit your needs, ensuring effortless operation. All pertinent information will be accessible through a unified dashboard, provided by i-telemetry.
Accurately measures the liquid level in the tank based on distanceI-telemetry – MaxSonar-WR sensor boasts exceptional accuracy and reliability, enabling our level monitoring system to precisely measure the content level within a tanker or tank.
Allows remote controlling of pumpsThe I-Telemetry IoT level monitoring solution facilitates bidirectional communication, enabling not only the retrieval of real-time sensor data but also the remote control of installed devices such as valves and pumps.
Shows the tank levels at a glanceThe i-telemetry IoT solution includes a centralized dashboard where you can access all critical information.
Withstands environmental challengesThe hardware is sturdy enough to sustain harsh environments such as high temperature/humidity.
Usage history and Advanced Data AnalyticsLeveraging historical data alongside advanced data analytics capabilities, i-telemetry empowers you to discern past inventory levels and forecast future demand accurately.
Works with a different type of fluidsWhether it's water, diesel, fuel tanks, or any other liquid level monitoring needs, the i-Telemetry IoT level monitoring solution can assist with all of them.
Real-time Monitoring & Alertsi-telemetry IoT delivers live liquid level data from the field, empowering you to make informed real-time business decisions. Additionally, you'll receive immediate alerts whenever the tank/tanker levels deviate from expected limits.

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