Fuel/Crude Oil Level Monitoring

Monitoring fuel levels can be a complex, time-consuming, and costly endeavor, especially when dealing with remote infrastructure locations on Earth. Keeping a close eye on the volume of fuel tanks in these remote areas is even more challenging. To enhance safety, reduce risks, and streamline operations, there is a pressing need for an effective management system capable of providing real-time data on oil levels.

i-Telemetry is revolutionizing traditional level monitoring methods by introducing innovative and cost-effective solutions. The fuel/crude oil solution automates the management of storage tanks and offers petroleum level monitoring that is unparalleled. Equipped with high-quality sensor devices, i-Telemetry ensures the continuous retrieval of live updates on fuel levels within a tank.

What is a Fuel/Crude oil Solution?

The oil and gas industry manages vast quantities of fuel, necessitating effective maintenance methods to maintain real-time oversight of the entire fuel inventory. The i-telemetry level monitoring solution emerges as the optimal all-in-one platform in the O&G sector, leveraging advanced IoT concepts to monitor real-time data of fuel levels. It boasts an instantaneous alerting system that greatly benefits the industry by generating live alerts in the event of fuel leakage or theft.

Even if your industrial facility is situated in remote areas, the i-telemetry fuel level monitoring system simplifies the process of remotely tracking and accurately measuring fuel/crude oil levels in tanks. This solution is exceptionally well-suited for use with large, cumbersome tanks or underground storage tanks for oil. By connecting your smart devices to this IoT-powered system, you gain access to a single platform for all your managerial tasks.

Technical Attributes

Smooth InstallationThe i-telemetry solution offers effortless installation and delivers precise performance with oil tanks of various shapes and sizes. There's no need to be concerned about the tank depth because this solution autonomously handles all tasks. Furthermore, i-telemetry can seamlessly integrate with moving trucks for situations where fuel transportation is required.
Advanced Quality SensorsThe i-telemetry ultrasonic fuel level sensors exhibit exceptional durability when exposed to challenging weather conditions and can be effortlessly mounted atop storage tanks. These sensors consistently deliver reliable performance across a wide range of weather conditions and are furnished with automatic temperature compensation functionality, operating seamlessly within a temperature range spanning from -30°C to 75°C.
Instant AlertsYou can employ an i-telemetry level monitoring solution to receive immediate alerts about fuel theft in real-time. Whenever there is a reduction in fuel levels, this system will promptly notify the relevant authorities by sending instant alerts to connected devices. It features an advanced alarm system that ensures real-time notifications are dispatched for swift response and action.
Fuel Level Monitoring in Moving TankersUsing i-telemetry, moving oil tankers, which are utilized for transporting fuel and crude oil, can effectively tackle various challenges such as undetected leaks or thefts. Implementing an IoT-powered fuel level monitoring system on these tankers offers comprehensive real-time fuel level updates. This proactive approach mitigates the risks associated with theft and prevents unnecessary oil spills resulting from leaks. i-telemetry offers a remote monitoring solution that simultaneously tracks the live location of the tankers during transit and provides real-time information on the fluid levels stored within them.
Fuel Level Monitoring for Storage TanksThe storage tanks at a refinery or gas station encompass substantial volumes of oil, necessitating frequent level assessments for efficient stock management. I-Telemetry offers a comprehensive IoT-driven solution that relies on sensor technology to capture real-time data. It possesses the ability to discern even the most subtle fluctuations in tank oil levels and promptly transmits alerts to the manager's dashboard for swift decision-making. This adaptable solution seamlessly integrates with storage tanks of all sizes, streamlining fuel inventory management.

Comprehensive solution with A Smart Meter

Enhance your level monitoring system with the integration of i-telemetry. By incorporating i-telemetry alongside your existing level monitoring solution, you can elevate the overall performance of your plant.

With i-telemetry, you can install smart meters along the distribution pipelines, enabling you to maintain real-time visibility into critical parameters such as fuel pressure and pipeline temperature. This advanced technology not only ensures precise monitoring of tank levels but also facilitates the prompt detection of pipeline emptying and the identification of any potential fuel theft incidents.

Business Benefits

Uses advanced algorithms to measure accurate fuel levels
Centralized dashboard shows the tank levels at a glance
Immediate alerts are sent on the interconnected smart gadget
You can set the desired threshold limits for the fuel levels
Cloud-enabled advanced data management technique
Highly comprehensive for seamless connectivity with other solutions
One platform for all managerial tasks
Single shop solution comprising both hardware and software
Custom-branded solution for easy configuration with any device, server, or communication protocol