OPTIMA IOT-1131: “Telemetry System with LCD Display”

The OPTIMA IOT-1131 excels in diverse IoT applications, offering Modbus RS485/RS232 input, LAN, and 4G SIM connectivity. Its 16×2 inches LCD display enhances on-site information access, coupled with efficient data logging functionality. This device facilitates real-time monitoring, remote calibration for precision, and robust Modbus communication for industrial compatibility. With applications spanning industrial automation, remote monitoring, and smart agriculture, the OPTIMA IOT-1131 optimizes workflows, enhances decision-making, and ensures precision in various sectors. A versatile solution catering to the evolving needs of IoT applications.



Industrial Automation
Remote Monitoring
Data Acquisition Systems
Smart Agriculture
Environmental Monitoring


Modbus RS485/RS232 Input
LAN and 4G SIM Connectivity
LCD Display Size: 16×2 inches
Data Logging Functionality

Input: Modbus RS485/RS232
Connectivity: LAN and 4G SIM
Display: LCD, 16×2 inches
Data Logging: Supported


Enables real-time monitoring and control.
Facilitates remote calibration for enhanced precision.
Efficient data logging for comprehensive analysis.
Robust Modbus communication for industrial compatibility.
Large LCD display ensures easy on-site information access.


Monitors and controls industrial processes remotely.
Collects and logs data for analysis in various industries.
Integrates seamlessly into Modbus-based systems.
Ideal for applications requiring both LAN and 4G connectivity.
Agriculture and environmental monitoring for smart farming.

Use Cases:
Optimizes industrial workflows by providing remote access to critical parameters.
Enhances data-driven decision-making with comprehensive logging capabilities.
Ensures precision in Modbus-based industrial automation setups.
Enables farmers to remotely monitor and control agricultural systems.
Facilitates environmental monitoring for sustainable practices.

The OPTIMA IOT-1131 combines versatile connectivity, Modbus compatibility, and a large LCD display, making it a powerful solution for diverse IoT applications, from industrial automation to smart agriculture.