Oil/Fuel Theft Solution

End-to-end IoT solutionA full hardware and software solution set for preventing oil and gasoline theft.
Real-time supervision and alertsReal-time notifications allow you to keep track of updates on the amount of oil in tankers.
Customizable dashboardThe user-specific preferences of the user can be taken into account while customizing the central dashboard.
Highly scalableLarge fleets of oil tankers can use our extremely scalable oil theft solution.

i-telemetry IoT Oil/Fuel Theft Solution

The implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is enhancing the security of oil during its transportation through the use of i-telemetry. This advanced system has significantly increased the challenges for thieves attempting to steal oil. Various volume-measuring sensors are employed to detect even the slightest change in the oil level, promptly alerting the relevant authorities. With real-time monitoring capabilities, individuals can keep track of the oil tanker’s volume and swiftly identify any potential leaks.

Application of Oil-Theft Prevention System

Fuel-tanker monitoringI-Telemetry employs IoT sensors affixed to the tanker's surface for continuous monitoring of oil volume. Any fluctuations in the oil's quantity are recorded as sensory data and promptly transmitted to a cloud-based application, generating alerts. Our anti-oil-theft solution guarantees that the purchaser receives the precise amount of oil from the supplier by consistently measuring the tanker's oil volume.
Oil-theft prevention from tank farmsI-Telemetry's IoT oil-theft prevention system is designed to enhance the security of refined petroleum products stored in extensive tank farms, addressing their higher vulnerability to ignition during theft compared to crude oil. This advanced solution promptly notifies relevant authorities in the event of oil theft, enabling them to take swift action and prevent potentially catastrophic incidents. With its remarkable scalability, our system can simultaneously detect decreasing oil levels in multiple tankers within a tank farm.

How i-telemetry IoT Protects Oil From Theft ?

Approximately $133 billion worth of oil is pilfered annually, as illicit actors collaborate with oil-tanker drivers to siphon off this precious resource into their own containers. This illicit activity has severe repercussions for oil companies. At i-Telemetry, we provide a comprehensive IoT solution that promptly alerts oil companies to any reduction in oil levels within the tanker. Our IoT-enabled sensors, seamlessly integrated onto the tanker, are capable of detecting even the slightest alteration in oil levels, promptly transmitting alerts to the relevant authorities. This advanced system offers sufficient lead time to apprehend the thieves and safeguard the valuable oil reserves.

Benefits Offered by i-telemetry IoT Oil-Theft Solution

Eradicate chances of unwanted explosions

Avoid human casualties and reduce health risks

Hinder free oil transportation

Eliminate artisanal refining

Erase need for manual inspection

Eagle eye view on oil tankers en-route

Leak detection

Cost-effective solution with high ROI

Prevent oil spillage and environmental pollution

i-telemetry IoT for Oil-Theft Prevention - Product Features

Real-time monitoring and instant notificationsI-Telemetry IoT offers instantaneous real-time alerts for detecting oil theft, monitoring fluctuations in a tanker's oil level, and identifying any unauthorized stops made by the driver. These notifications are promptly relayed to all relevant stakeholders simultaneously through their respective dashboard notification panels. The live monitoring capabilities enable real-time tracking of the trailer and the sharing of pertinent information regarding its current speed and precise location.
Easy to install/operateOur i-telemetry platform hub offers a user-friendly experience and seamlessly integrates with various web and mobile applications. We tailor and adapt our platform hub to meet the specific requirements of our clients, customizing it to their preferences. Through integration with multiple dashboards and panels, we ensure that it delivers versatile functionality throughout its operation.
Optimized for multiple fluid typesThe i-telemetry IoT solution is versatile and compatible with fluids of diverse chemical compositions. Whether it's crude oil, gasoline, diesel, or petrol, our solution seamlessly operates with various petroleum products. Moreover, our theft prevention solution can be applied to liquids unrelated to the oil industry, such as milk and water.
Geo-fencingWith i-telemetry, you can effectively monitor and track the entry and exit of tankers within a specific area using geofencing technology. The i-telemetry platform will promptly send alerts to the dashboard whenever a trailer crosses the virtual geographical boundary set on the maps. By seamlessly integrating geofencing and a real-time alert system, i-telemetry simplifies monitoring and tracking operations.
Real-time alert systemOur i-telemetry solution, characterized by high autonomy, facilitates data processing at multiple stages, including endpoints, gateways, and the platform hub. This enhances the efficiency of alert generation and data transmission across the network, enabling rapid ingestion and storage capabilities.
Universal accessibilityThe i-telemetry IoT solution offers remote accessibility from virtually any location, using just a simple smartphone. It seamlessly transmits real-time notifications and alerts pertaining to oil transportation to the central platform, where various processing and analytical procedures are executed.
Remote tanker managementI-telemetry enables an individual to oversee and control various functions of a tanker by utilizing actuators and sensors integrated into its surface. These digital devices provide robust communication and remote accessibility from any distant device, ensuring efficient management of the trailer.
High autonomyThe deployment of i-telemetry in an oil-theft prevention system promotes a significant level of autonomy. By utilizing sensor-based electronic devices and real-time data processing at the endpoint or gateway, the requirement for human involvement in inspecting fluid quality and quantity is eradicated.
Historical data managementAll the historical data pertaining to oil transportation is securely stored within a cloud-based application accessible from any device. Utilizing the diverse analytics capabilities integrated into the i-telemetry IoT platform, you can effortlessly analyze the historical data and visualize it through charts and graphics.