River Monitoring and Flood Warning Systems

The application of IoT-based level monitoring solutions in tracking the depth of various water bodies is indispensable. These systems are particularly essential in environments like rivers or other flowing water mediums, where water levels can fluctuate due to environmental factors.

During the summer season, rivers experience a decrease in water levels due to evaporation, whereas in the monsoon, water levels rise due to rainfall. By utilizing i-telemetry’s level measurement solutions, it becomes possible to continuously monitor the water level of rivers, streams, channels, or any other watercourse in real-time from a remote location.

Composition and Working of the System

The i-Telemetry IoT-based river water level monitoring system incorporates cutting-edge technology for automated river water level measurements. Utilizing both ultrasonic and RADAR sensor technologies, devices are strategically positioned along the riverbank. These sensors emit waves directed towards the river’s surface, precisely calculating the distance by measuring the time it takes for the waves to reflect back from the water surface to the sensor.

Gateways are responsible for gathering data from these sensors and seamlessly transmitting it to a cloud-based platform. All recorded readings are securely stored within the cloud layer, ensuring accessibility from any location in real-time. The system’s auto-calibration algorithms meticulously process the sensor data to provide accurate and reliable river level assessments.

With i-Telemetry’s end-to-end IoT dashboard, users can easily access and monitor the river’s water levels, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for real-time river level tracking.

Technical Features of i-telemetry River Level Monitoring System

Single Gateway ConnectivityAdjust the frequency at which you prefer to gather river level measurements using i-telemetry. You can choose to collect level data either hourly, every 10 minutes, or every second, depending on your specific requirements for obtaining river level readings.
Reliable Cutting-Edge SensorsSelect from a diverse selection of industrial-grade sensors utilizing various technologies such as RADAR or Laser, capable of accurately measuring depths up to 1200 feet. Install these devices once, and rest assured that you'll receive continuous readings for a minimum of 2 years without concerns about depleted batteries, all provided by i-telemetry.
Large Memory BackupNo need to fret even if the connection experiences a decline. Our gateways at i-telemetry are equipped with built-in memory capable of storing over 16,000 readings. Consequently, you can retrieve all the measurement data collected by the sensors once the connection is restored.
Flood Warning SystemWhen implemented in flood-prone regions, these solutions by i-telemetry serve as a means to monitor rising water levels in rivers during the monsoon season and assess the likelihood of nearby areas being affected by floods.

i-telemetry's IoT solution offers a real-time alerting feature, which promptly informs you about potential flood risks, enabling you to execute emergency plans with the available time at hand. Furthermore, the extensive historical data collected over an extended period by these systems can be analyzed using predictive analytics capabilities to identify trends related to floods. This valuable information empowers emergency relief authorities in their efforts to better prepare for and respond to disasters like floods.

Sewage MonitoringIn a sewage network, smaller pipes connect to larger underground pipelines that transport wastewater from users to treatment plants through pump and lifting stations. However, during the monsoon season, the sewage system can become overwhelmed when sewage water mixes with rainwater drainage.

To prevent such issues and efficiently monitor wastewater levels in the sewers, i-telemetry offers cutting-edge level monitoring solutions for flowing water. These systems enable the logging of data related to changing wastewater levels within the sewer system, allowing for the determination of typical flow rates. This invaluable data can also be analyzed to generate alerts in the event of sewage network overfilling, schedule maintenance procedures when water levels are low, and optimize sewer capacity.

River Monitoring Solution’s Advantages

Live alerts about increasing river level
Custom branded solution configurable with any device, sever, or communication protocol
Interoperable bidirectional communication
Hand-picked hardware stack for long-lasting functionality
Effective level measurement of liquid up to a depth of 30 meters
Decreases response time for quick evacuation and emergency plan roll-out
Reliable sensors immune to harsh weather conditions
Single shop solution comprising both hardware and software
Scalable to multiple devices on a single platform