Tank Level Monitoring System

Effective monitoring and control of liquid levels and volumes within tanks play a pivotal role in enhancing the profitability and productivity of various industries. Leveraging an IoT-powered level monitoring system like i-telemetry enables remote monitoring of liquid levels in tanks, regardless of location and time.

In addition to industrial applications, i-telemetry’s level monitoring solutions find valuable utility in residential and commercial settings. These solutions facilitate the estimation of water levels in rooftop and overhead tanks. With the predictive maintenance and multichannel alerting capabilities inherent to i-telemetry’s IoT platform, users can receive timely alerts regarding fluctuations in liquid levels within tanks, whether they are on the rise or dwindling. Furthermore, i-telemetry’s platform empowers users to analyze the utilization patterns of stored liquids, aiding in better resource management.

End to end Working of Tank Level Monitoring

To install the sensor, you have two options: either drill a hole in the lid of a closed tank or suspend the sensor using a rod or rope over an open tank. Once installed, the sensor can measure the liquid level in the tank by sending a wave through it and calculating the time it takes for the signal to bounce back from the surface of the stored liquid. A gateway is responsible for collecting this liquid level data from the nearby sensors and transmitting it to a cloud-powered platform. You can access these readings through our IoT platform, I-Telemetry, from anywhere in the world. This data can be used to monitor the real-time liquid level in any tank using a mobile application or web app.

Features of Tank Level Monitoring System

Real-time AlertsAlerts related to fluctuations in liquid level within a tank can be acquired by establishing predefined threshold ranges and limits. These alerts can be collected to prevent situations of both liquid overflow and depletion, ensuring the maintenance of a specific liquid volume within the tanks.
Compatible with any TankThe i-telemetry solution can be applied to tanks of varying shapes, sizes, materials, and orientations, regardless of whether the tank is open or closed, stationary or mobile, symmetric or asymmetric, and whether it is used for above or below-ground applications. This solution seamlessly accommodates diverse tank configurations and liquid types.
Volume MeasurementThe autocalibration and calculative functionalities of our IoT platform, i-telemetry, enable you to acquire real-time liquid level readings by considering the tank's characteristics and orientation. This capability provides valuable information about the liquid content within the tank.
Level Monitoring in Fixed TankTanks, containers, or totes installed in various settings serve as repositories and offer pressure for efficiently distributing liquids through a pipeline network. Whether deployed indoors or outdoors, these containers are vital for storing and quantifying liquids.

Utilizing an automatic system for level monitoring in a stationary tank enables precise measurement of the liquid's level within the container. The implementation of such a system also results in cost savings by eliminating the need for manual level measurements, reducing reliance on workers to repeatedly check the liquid levels.

Level Monitoring in Movable TankTankers carried by trucks are one of the prominent means to transport liquid products from one site to another. However, there is always a chance for expensive liquid products like petrol and diesel to be stolen from these tankers while they are being distributed to gas pumps.

With distant monitoring solutions, it is now possible to track the live location of the truck along with the amount of liquid it is carrying. The real-time multichannel alert system measures the fluctuation in liquid due to the truck’s movement and alarm authorities about probable theft if the liquid level fluctuation crosses the permissible range.

Advantages of Tank Level Measurement Systems

Configurable solution functional with any liquid, tank, or environment
Real-time alerts about overfilling or exhaustion of liquid in tank
Live notification about liquid fluctuation in tank more than predefined permissible limit
Clear visibility into contents of tank from any remote location
Stack of wired and wireless sensor with long battery life
Historical data management with predictive analytics
Advanced analytics for water consumption analysis and predicting future water needs
Upgradable to smart meter solution on a single platform