How Smart Solutions Work for Smart Cities?

Smart Cities

A smart city symbolizes to a cosmopolitan city where digital solutions (such as IoT technology) are used to improve the quality of citizens’ life and maintain the city’s resources & assets. People are moving to cities, and cities are rapidly changing. Thus, it needs to be more intelligent and more innovative.

Urban planners aim to improve the entire urban ecosystem to fulfill the citizens’ needs, represented by the four columns of development – physical, institutional, social, and economic infrastructure.

Cities can work towards building such ample infrastructure profoundly, adding to the levels of smartness.

Under the smart cities mission, 5924+ projects have been tendered so far, seeking to improve the quality of life in 100 cities in India.

 Smart Solutions: What Smart Solutions, Smart Cities Include 

Smart Solutions are business positionings focused on life quality. A Smart Solution determines the merging of advanced technologies, both in terms of software and hardware (Internet of Things (IoT)).

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IoT is a predominant technology used to build smart cities and provide smart solutions like controlling air pollution, lighting control, parking management, etc.

The Smart solutions to manage a smart city is comprised of a few domains, such as

  Smart Lights

 Smart Grids or Utilities

 Smart Parking, Traffic system

 Smart institutes, events, and others

Smart Cities and lights

A smart city deploys a network of IoT apps and sensors to communicate via a high-speed connection and provide Artificial intelligence smart solutions.

Improving citizens’ health, saving time, improving public resources, providing sustainable living, and decreasing the cost of living are the best examples of smart solutions and well-maintained using IoT and other digital technologies.

 Elements of Smart Cities

A smart city facilitates an augmented delivery of services to citizens with less cost and infrastructure.
The idea behind making a smart city is to deploy, develop, and promote sustainable development practices to resolve the growing problems associated with urbanization.

The development of Smart Cities is a step in the direction of growth. The core elements of smart cities infrastructure include:

 Applying Smart Solutions to the services and infrastructure

 Sustainable and clean environment

 Ample water supply

Smart Governance

 Smart Education and Health


 Strong IT Connectivity

 Housing and inclusiveness

smart cities elemets


Comprehensive development in this direction will definitely refine the life quality, enhance income for all, create employment, especially for the poor.

How Will Smart Cities Help the Environment?

Our cities are generating more and more emissions and waste while consuming a huge number of natural resources. The outcome of which is being observed on the environmental level.

The key aspect of the smart city is meant to develop the sustainability of the environment.

We can shape our cities by using smart solutions to address today’s urban challenges, which have an unsafe impact on the environment.

There are a few examples of where smart cities can help the environment.

 Carbon Emission Reduction
 Energy Efficiency
 Real-Time Management and Monitoring of Energy and Environment

 Opt for Smart Solutions by i-Telemetry

Industrial automation for smart cities

By combining big data with the internet of things, it is possible to acquire consequential or crucial knowledge from devices that help in contributing to cost optimization and enhancing the company process.

i-Telemetry offers seamless and customized integration of Informational Technology (I.T.) and Operational Technology (O.T.) services, providing your business with a complete industrial automation solution.

I-Telemetry uses a technology-agnostic approach to develop innovative solutions that fit to the business objective.

We, at i-Telemetry, help cities and towns use IoT Automation and other digital technologies to develop and flourish.

The primary approach of the i-Telemetry team is to help preserve the quality of life by managing the pressures of a growing city population creates.

So, get in touch with the i-Telemetry team and achieve your specific business objectives.

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